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Way of Hope International has impacted thousands of lives over the past few years!

From Literacy programs to Awareness Classes, Way of Hope International has helped reached thousands of people with the love of Christ! Way of Hope International has impacted thousands of people through Awareness Classes and Seminars alone! Not only that but Way of Hope has started Literacy Programs for the children who have no means to get a normal education! Way of Hope International has made a total of 13 Mission Stations in India in the past few years! Although we have accomplished this we can only still continue the good work with your help and contribution! Your small gift or partnership with Way of Hope International will imapct thousands of lives!

Help Us Make an Impact!

One-third of the unreached people groups of the world are in one country: India. You can help us change that! Most children in India remain uneducated and continue in generations of poverty. Help us make a difference! Your small gift or partnership with Way of Hope International will imapct thousands of lives!. We want to continue to not only help the poor and establish more literacy classes, but we want to impact more people with the Word of God! We believe that every man, woman, and child should have the opportunity to hear the name of Jesus. In India, 400 million people never have. You can do your part in supporting our ministry by being our fundraiser, donating or even joining us! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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The Need in India

When you’re illiterate, you’re not just blind to reading and writing. You’re blind to being cheated in your wages, the need for healthy food and good hygiene, your own rights, your children's need for education... the list could go on and on. Four out of five people who believe in Jesus do so because of something that influenced them by the age of 14. And in India alone, 22 million kids will turn 15 this year. We believe God has called us to do all we can to reach them before this opportunity is missed.

Our Impact This Year

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  • Reaching more people for Christ
  • Starting our Literacy Program
  • Establishing more Mission Stations
  • Spreading the Truth about Substance-Abuse
  • Counselling Individuals
  • Starting our slum ministry




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