Orissa School Project

"At least 32 million children aged 6 - 14 years do not attend school." Help us educate these children! Thouands of uneducated children are there in Orissa!

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Orissa Bible Colleges

"400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus.." Help us share the gospel to them by training missionaries to send to all these villages. Donate Today!

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Local lady stiching

Skill Training

Children are being sold by parents in order to support thier families! Help us tain them to learn skills that will help them meet thier ends! Donate Today!

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Girl drinking water

Safe Drinking Water

4 million people die each year from water-related diseases! Help us give them safe- drinking water! Make a difference! Everyone deserves clean water! Donate Today!

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Who We Are?

Way of Hope International is a Christian Non-Profit Organization. We focus on the issues that young adults face like peer-pressure, suicide, pornography, and wrong relationships. Way of Hope aims to "Empower Youth with A Mission". So that they can continue to make a difference in the world! We "Empower Youth with a Mission" by conducting seminars, awareness classes, VBS's, youth camps, outreach meetings and much more! At Way of Hope we believe that we have an eternal hope through Jesus Christ and consider it our duty and privilege to let others know that there is a Hope for them too! We may not be able to impact everyone but we can all do our part! You can do your part by arranging a program in your church or school, join with us, or donate!

What We Do?

Way of Hope International is involved in many outreach projects. Click Here to see what we do! We help develop children into all God intends them to be! We help them ny giving them free literacy classes for the uneducated! We equipt them with the ideas of thier creator and his purpose in our lives! We also focus on Teenagers and the issue they face by giving them seminars, awareness classes, and counselling in schools and colleges. We also help them in finding thier life's purpose and give them the hope of Jesus Christ! We also impact the community by helping the poor and needy! We also give Discipleship classes and equipt people with the Word of God and help them impact people! We also plant churches to make sure people have a place to go to when they understand they need Gos in thier lives!

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